More Than All the Space

You have no act or game,
but the boy with the guard up gets pretty far,
so you follow him at a distance, down the path he paves.

You take my consent to him as your encouragement,
and though it would have been so unlike you,
you should have used your privileges sooner-
You had them before he did.
Still, your truth is perfect-

You can spend your whole life earnest,
and I will patiently watch my head,
hips, and hands aim your way,
as I curl my knees to calm my heart,
since my mind cannot let down its guard
as it keeps my mouth from trying what
I only know wrong ways to say.

You stroke my hair; It’s your newest friend,
but you’ve zeroed in on my right hand,
and I will let said hand take more than all the space it needs.

You finally bridge the gap to graze your fingers down mine,
where I let them rest, until I stop-
to wrap my first fingers around your last. I love you,
although I don’t know how to say.

You don’t have to state with your hand. Yours just has to ask,
because mine grasps yours, until I caress it before letting go,
too soon. I love skin- Skin never lies,
because skin never uses any words, so I hate skin.
Skin knows so many good ways to never say.

I give and take twenty-seven seconds to remember for
twenty-seven years- Half the time I would romance your hand
if skin did not risk misconveying my truth- What truth?
The one that long after your statements ask,
I’ll be left with the accurate way, on my tongue’s tip, to say.

12 thoughts on “More Than All the Space

  1. Wow! Amazing metaphors. Wonderful crafting. Keep going. You nail each one with a great story. I feel your poetry come alive with each hungered note, as you make it yours.

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    • John, I just noticed you also liked my poem “The Little Pony”. I don’t know if you noticed the repetition of “twenty-seven seconds” in the two poems, but a fun tidbit of information is that these two poems, written years apart, were inspired by the same interaction… which occurred years before the writing of the first poem! I’ve got at least one other poem coming from it as well, as I am, clearly, a very slow and thorough processor. LOL.

      Liked by 1 person

      • You should not ever be concerned for being a slow processor; me too. It is great to see you continue to reap rewards for an occasion whether good or bad you are inspired by. I love reading your work. BTW, may I know your first name? I wish to address you this way. Best always.

        Liked by 1 person

      • Thanks very kindly, Lydia. I am happy to meet another soul passionate for poetry. Please allow me to continue reading your art and giving back to you that I have learned over the past years writing poetry. Poetry is exciting, fun, and liberating us from past traumas, hence, revealing truths we feel the world should know. Stay creative and keep writing. Enjoy!

        Liked by 2 people

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