Announcement: New Schedule and Opportunity

Thank you for your readership and engagement through all of Alphabet’s years. Thanks to a summer career change, I’m rededicating more time to writing, editing, publishing, and updating Alphabet Ravine.

Poems will be posted on a biweekly basis. Here, you’re invited to continue sharing your reactions, as always.

You can also now find on my homepage a button to Subscribe to Additional Community Content for $5/month:

As a poet and consumer of art myself, I’ve always been passionate about the writing and editing process, and the themes my favorite art explores. I’m passionate about letting art speak for itself, as well as separating art from the artist themselves. 

Still, art is personal, connective, and communal. I believe discussions on art can enhance artistic integrity, rather than diminish it.

People who are drawn to my art are drawn to the whole of this artistic approach I have, as well as the themes my art explores and the sense of connection. 

For those who’d like to go deeper, I’ll be sharing Behind-the-Scenes Content, which will be written posts of my own musings on the previous week’s poem. I’ll be sharing about the poem’s writing, editing, inspiration, or themes. I’ll also be asking you questions about how you personally connect.

I’ll be bringing my perspective as an Early Childhood Educator and Creative Writing Instructor, as we talk a bit more about the passions we’ve gathered around.

Whether you’re drawn to Alphabet Ravine for the subject matter, the artistic technique, or the empathy and community, I hope you’ll enjoy my rededication as much as I’ve enjoyed beginning it.

See you around!
Lydia Rae

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