Only five times each day, I play like my bed frame
is a tweed lounge seat, my shelf is a welcome desk,
you are my friend by choice, and things are like they used to be-
You here to pay attention like you would have better things to do,
if it weren’t for the fact that I am your best.

Behind closed doors, I mime conversation with transparent friend,
all for imagined your strong, silent type observance.
This poem wasn’t supposed to be embarrassing, but I am
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                                               And grace

slapped me

                      across the face

                                              and I didn’t know

what to do 

                      with it.

I tried to give it back ‘cuz I didn’t want it

But, oh, grace knew me better than that

I tried to give it back ‘cuz I didn’t deserve it

But grace knew herself well as well

                                              The skin on my cheeks started 



                                              sudden, foreign, 


                    “Make it stop!”

But we can’t make such strength do nothin’

And grace was after me

So I ran

But, oh, it was before me too

Alpha, Omega,

“I am that I am”