When the sun dried up the moss, and the sea washed over it,
a thick, pale, green milk pooled into your eyes,
and your olive, tan skin glows, and your wispy hair shines,
and you’re too pretty to be any older than a child,

but you didn’t stay a child long anyways, did you?
And when you grow up fast, do you grow much at all?
You are a cowering six feet tall!

But you’re too bold to remain so shy,Read More »


You don’t know the grip of vice until it’s a noose around your heart.

Trust me- if it went around the neck,
I wouldn’t have made it this far.

…I’d have made it nowhere!
It crunches like the tiger’s jaws
that you never see-
you simply die!

Very few lightning bolts can get the sound right-Read More »

Same Old

He’s still got the same humour. He’s just lost his sense of it. He
tells the same jokes a fraction of the time.
He was divided from the light for so long
that it all seems heavy.
So much for his diaphragm to lift was that laugh.

He’s on the same trajectory, but he’s further along,
and every little stepRead More »