Crop Tops and Claws

They’ll spit the word “fashion”,
as though what they’re trying to vomit out
isn’t un-silenced, honest expression.

They’ll tell you how to dress, as though
they’re not saying how to feel.

They’ll condemn all impermanence,
as though phases aren’t actually stages

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Together- Behind the Scenes

Welcome to a behind-the-scenes look at last week’s poem, “Together”. We’ll be talking about which part of my mind inspired the silliness of the first two lines, and which parts of your mind play into your own art and work. We’ll also be talking about how this thematic foundation impacted the actual poetic structure of the piece, and how the suitable meter impacted the line breaks.

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Announcement: New Schedule and Opportunity

Thank you for your readership and engagement through all of Alphabet’s years. Thanks to a summer career change, I’m rededicating more time to writing, editing, publishing, and updating Alphabet Ravine.

Poems will be posted on a biweekly basis. Here, you’re invited to continue sharing your reactions, as always.

You can also now find on my homepage a button to Subscribe to Additional Community Content for $5/month:

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What makes a monster?

Whether having hooves or claws?
Or the mere look in their eyes?

The story’s been told. Heroes know
what becomes of monsters.

Nobody wants to believe
that humans are monstrous.


When you sink your teeth into my soul,
my emotions
haunt me like ghosts-

Wounds alive,

to those who don’t believe
in magic,

on a loop,

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Must Be Fear

Your irises always sing an aqua harmony,
but I don’t see their shades, when you
sit me down to hear your tale.

If the tension in the air is any clue, there must be fear dancing
in the wrinkles around your eyes,
but I am trying to count colors. I focus to discern.

You murmur that you’re happy, glancing down and to the right.
Your pupil floats like a fish.
I hope I look like an angel.

“They always say these conversations are hard, but-“

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