The Walk (From Matt. 14:22-33 and Gen. 1-3)

“If it’s you, command me to come to you,”
Peter cried.

For surely if the Lord could speak,
casting demons out, causing sick to be well,
The Lord could command Peter’s feet to tread,
could provide the power to accomplish it,
could sustain His disciple as he walked on water.

The Lord said, “Come,”
and there Peter went.

I remember walking…
with God

in the garden He uttered into existence,
the plants growing as He wished,

and me,
their stewardess.

The wind had been against us all along,
but suddenly, he saw it.

He already was doing the impossible,
but as though the impossible could actually get harder,
he started to grow afraid, began to sink.

Of course, the serpent came,
and I, well, saw one of those trees
in a new light.

What had God said again?
Did I really need Him?
And was He truly on my side?
And I, well,
I fell.

Peter cried, “Lord, save me!”
Christ immediately did
and asked him why the doubt.

For the first time, blood was shed.
I was hiding! I hadn’t asked for it,
but He made me clothes of animal skin;
He provided a cover for me.

Then walking together atop the water, in the wind,
the Lord kept Peter safe.

When they made it into the boat,
the wind ceased.

And we worshipped Him, saying, “Truly you
are the Son of God.”

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