Pushing forward where none would dare,
I do not need the audacity,
that I could never muster;
I bring with me boldness.

And does it make you happy?
Not appalled, but radiant-

For I am bold in my trusting
in you- I
know you,

and you will let me in,

by the blood of the Lamb, for
this is what you’ve done-

Grappled with my sin,
and won!
Climbed through the haunting tangles
to carry me out,
and won!
This is what you’ve done.

For this is who you are!

Almighty, faithful,
adopter, love,
buy-er back,
victor, enough.

save-er, woo-er,
You are who you are,
all you’ve shown yourself to be,

and to me! I
know you.
Does it make you happy?

Oh, it makes me happy!
You have brought me in.

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