On Hope Pt. 2

Unconsciousness lifts, ceasing being
your world. Instead, your sky-
a rooftop, as
you perceive it these days.

You hang a while in the haze,
this dark ceiling you know is not
the end of things, until finally,
your energy moves within and the rest brought
by living in dreams is enough for you
to descend into the light, to wake,
to chase them. It is

You start to cry, and I lift you up,
into the light this time,
you having left the lullaby
keeping you asleep.

Your mind yet quiet,
we sit in the silence-
Me and my mini
someone else,
like stacks of right angles
with lines of differing lengths.

Staring at the wall, what do you see,
mini some-one else?

I see Someone Else coming up the stairs.

Your energy would have shifted soon within you;
You’d have turned around,
looked into my eyes, chattered, played-
It would have just been time.
Then even more quickly, the time would have come
to turn around, hop to the ground,
and play with something bright.

But you see Someone Else coming up the stairs,
and you
are theirs, their mini-me,
and it is of course the time
to near your maker
and dwell inside that bond,
that relationship of love.

Was it you who knew it was time to leave
the embrace of her womb
for the embrace of herself?
Did you tell her it was time?
Or did her womb tell that to you?

Did you have any idea what was to come?
That life could get better?

That there, in the dark, being held,
you’d leave the world you knew
and enter into a living dream-come-true?

Had you hope for your yearnings?

Or rather, did you know
that you did?

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