Child Of Sand

Lurching waves launch up to reach
the power across jagged edges shot,
ricocheting down to kiss,
to ultimately betray.

Electric waves dive down and send
once unified water churning,
the up, down, turn-around,
seducing and smashing,

underwater waves like blades
of a black hole consuming
the once far but grazing
the once so near.

Above, the liquid facts behind
the tales of ancient beasts thrashing,
attacking one another in a fight ‘til death.

And you,
hoping the waves will part
so you can walk through,

learning to shave your face
and wondering what to do,

longing for a better man,
stronger and new,

trying to find your place, wishing
to join in being consumed,

you, awaiting a new wave
to wash over too,
to lift you from behind, beneath,
bringing peace to the waters,

to you.

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