Is this what you expected?


If childhood is war, what is life past the cusp of innocence?

Somewhere else, there’s a misbehaving
morning called picturesque
where the tea’s too sweet and the sun’s too bright,
and that bittersweet
tastes nothing like chocolate,
no, never a latte.
The wasp is bugging the early-riser
instead of going indoors.

On the balcony railing, a spiderweb glistens,
as though rain and snow are the prettiest things
we’ve got inside this world

where the grass is never greener on
the other somewhere else,
there’s plenty of shelters,
plenty of rocks,

and yet,
we must stand on
the rock of his foundation ‘neath
the shelter of his wings.

In heaven, won’t we still stand so,
though the picturesque morning behaves?
I guess this isn’t so bad a place to be.

Yes, there’s rocks, shelters, spiderwebs,
and beautiful, broken snow.
Wasps bug the early-riser
instead of going indoors.

And God works for our good
all the bad news we call updates
we play like a broken record on
a broken record player midst
the laundry, and the fights,
and the tissues, and
the loneliness.

Is this what you expected?
From a union to image God’s covenant
with a faithless child, always rebelling,
going into exile.

And what little broken soldiers dolls
dance around the bedroom floor
playing the role of Christ
in a love that sometimes looks like war.

But oh, the role of Christ!
Covenant of love and grace!
Law of sin and death abolished,
victory in its place.

Work out your salvation with fear and trembling.
Go in the grace given to you
to, changed, worship the King.

Rest in new robes and gowns. Rest
laundered, sparkling white.
Run the race, sing his praise,
and the fight the good fight.

Love and know him more
as you meet him in his word.
He will change you there;
He is faithful, he is sure.

Give the mercy you’ve been given.
Love and forgive.
Share your burdens; Know he bore
the burden that you lift.

Thankful, grow in gifts and trials
the sovereign Lord brings.
Increase in unity;
let the Lord’s praises ring.

As he preached a kingdom,
saved the lost, healed the sick,
sow; may the grass grow
greener where you live.

Let his kingdom shine,
let the earth be redeemed.
May God’s graces shower you,
and may you blessed be.

Never like a hopeless child
but like the church submits,
go- Christ died, “It is finished,”
rose again.

Never like a soldier doll
but like a warrior, suitably dressed
in armor for the role to show
and share Christ, for which you’re fit
trusting in what He’s done,

work out your salvation with fear and trembling.
Agents of redemption,
go, worship the King.


3 thoughts on “J.S.R.

  1. 🙂 Thank you! I wrestled with that aspect of it- wondered it wasn’t too long-winded, cheesily worded, etc., but I never could stop liking the poem or think of anything (After the main editing) that I wanted to change, so… there it is. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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