Powder Blue

Tonight I am short on a way to say nothing
and lacking something
to say in some way,

and so my head turns to you,
breath caught
from the dawn of realization-

Haven’t you always spared coins
and dreams for me?

Until resolution, the door is ajar;
How easy to walk down the path,
bring it back-

97 emotions
in 220 hues.

I’ll pick this one up,
put it on for you-

twist from side to side,
it’s alright.

I’ve found a knob for the door!
It’s alright.

We look beautiful in this light.

You can take anything you want;
Leave the rest,

it’s alright.

15 thoughts on “Powder Blue

  1. Hi alphabetravine. I find it easier to write. Thank you for calling by and wanting to follow my poetry adventures! Like all things Paranormal! Writing is my passion that keeps me sane and alive! Observe this crazy violent virtual reality society! Like conspiracy theories! UFO’s! Great to meet you. Be Safe#TheFoureyedPoet.


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