The Shore

back forth in out
up slide down
the earth the moon the tide the waves
a tireless barista
wet dark sand beneath
white foam cappuccino
always busy

and here we come to stretch out
and drink
sun in
with the un
known quantity behind the counter

offering drink after drink
calling us by name

4 thoughts on “The Shore

  1. I love this. The images in my mind it evoked were lovely. Of dark water churned until is foams. Of being a kid and scooping foam from the edge of the dark river and pretending to make cups of coffee. I’m not great at interpreting poetry but this made me feel good. Thank you.

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    • That’s a spectacular compliment. I’m so glad you loved it and it made you feel good! And I love your imagery. Thank you, and thanks for reading!

      Liked by 1 person

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