The Dreams

Welcome back. I guess you never left, huh?
I didn’t invite you here.

This is my mind- the place you roam, though you’ll never know its streets.

It is daytime here, though you and I are star-blanketed.

All the underground thought-lings come out to play now.
You’re drug along.

And I am played the brand-new season of a long-dead drama.

You embody all I’ve finally accepted that you hid-
your ability to stay, not vanish like a vapor.

So I relax, this sleep, and try to see what happens.

it isn’t you I watch, you see. That’s me,
though it’s you I observe.

I’m trying to pull apart the puzzle-
break down into pieces How I Feel About You.
I won’t know that town until I’ve figured out its streets.
I rarely know how something feels until it’s right in front of me-

I guess I locked you here

and drag you around like a burden,
chained your handcuffs to my belt.

Which one of us is imprisoned?

You are star-blanketed;
It is always daytime here.

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