I am in love enough with details
to be OCD, a poet, self-aware, far too engaged all the time
with every milliquiver of all my fibers-

And I think I’m understood,
that my intentionality is seen,
that my terms and movements are known as technical.

but I’ve taught no soul my tongue;
if I do go noticed, I go labeled as odd,

and honestly, nobody cares! They are not in love with me.
And why would they be? I am captivated
by details. I am busy. Making good choices.
Making, making. I am absorbed
in myself enough to know my tongue by
heart. I just speak it
in long soliloquy. Don’t need you to talk back.

But I would like to be heard one of these times.
I would like to be heard. I would like to communicate.
I am trying, trying- I only say
exactly what I mean! In my language, language.
How did I get alone in here? How did I
get so alone?

8 thoughts on “OCD


    I see you may be my kind of poet
    I may be your kind – who knows?
    The future is just round the corner
    We could explore? – it’s all on line
    We can retract – No damage done
    Been there, done that of course
    Or maybe I simply like the shape


    • Thanks for the comment! I see you’ve posted a similar poem on your blog- Are they different edits of the same poem, or two different poems with a similar foundation?

      Liked by 1 person

      • It was reading your post that inspired the above comment (though please don’t take it too literally. It wasn’t any kind of come-on – just me musing). I quite liked how it came out and I worked on it a little before posting the “official version”. 🙂


      • I’m always happy to have people interacting with my poetry through poetry! 🙂 It’s cool how your poem takes on a different light just with the adding of a few words throughout!

        Liked by 1 person

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