Suffering (Christmas Eve)

When my black butterflies come
with their razor wings that make me bleed,
and they darken the horizon as far as eye can see,

(And the black butterflies come,
with their razor wings that scratch and screech
on the chalkboard of my heart, to start to suck the nectar out…)

I remember the dark night
the words on the pages came to life,
how the written story started coming true.

I recall the curve ball, then the full arc,
the empty tomb

sealing the happy ending waiting
to rise to life too.


14 thoughts on “Suffering (Christmas Eve)

    • Thanks, Orville!
      I experience the butterfly language to be frightening myself how I meant it to be understood, but hearing you call it frightening made me realize people might understand me to mean something ELSE frightening that I didn’t mean-

      I was speaking to the typical pain we experience presently, and I meant it as a comfort. I just now realized it could sound to some like I meant, “You’re going to remember that you were warned” regarding apocalyptic pain!
      I’m curious as to which way you understood it?

      The fact that I could have come across to hundreds of people as having meant and done something totally different than what I meant and did rather flustered me, so pardon the fact that this is my third time trying to clearly articulate a response to you. LOL.
      Thank you so much again! Always good to hear your thoughts!

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  1. Looking for His Second Coming on December 24, 2018… This makes perfect sense. With the fulfilling of the parable of the fig tree, I believe we are in the last generation and The Trumpet could sound at any moment, in the very near future… The problem with knowing, or even guessing the correct week, day, hour is… No one can define a generation.

    Now, if you are actually just talking about the flying insects, I believe people have evil suspicions about black butterflies, thinking they bring hoodoos and haints.


    • It’s so interesting to read what people think different animals etc. symbolize etc.! It makes sense that I came up with a symbol on my own that lines up with some peoples’ beliefs.

      While I didn’t mean that that his second coming was going to come any specific day, year, century, millenium, I did intentionally refer to his second coming- with the end of the poem rather than the beginning.

      So, as you’ll see in my response to Orville, I didn’t mean it as a warning or threat but as a comfort- and as a generic comfort, not necessarily related to signs of the second coming.

      The black butterflies here represent anxiety or the sorrow attached to losing a loved one, etc… Holidays can be hard for people!

      Prophecies about the Christ are partially fulfilled in Jesus coming once, but fully fulfilled in his coming again. So, for those who celebrate advent, the period of “waiting” for Christ to “come” at Christmas is also a period of practicing waiting for him to come (whenever) the second time… It’s like, the fact that he came once is just further evidence that he WILL come again. I also referenced the resurrection as a seal, though I don’t know if that’s accurate…

      So I suppose the gist of the poem is that, when you’re suffering at Christmas, I hope this poem helps those who do or will believe remember, by remembering that he came once, that he WILL come again, thus making everything right.

      I think I need to keep working on the title of this poem (at least). I think this poem is easy for people to misinterpret. And, while readers have the burden of interpreting, writers have the burden of expressing sufficiently!

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