We all stand
on the same polka dotted mat.

You stomp the colored spots
like they’re disco-balls. You’re effortless,
the game’s commands flowing through
your veins. Your instinct: Graceful dance.

I start
with the center,
but one spot cannot hold two limbs!
So all that comes next
is a jumble-

a rocking side to side, in which
side can mean up, crunch,
stretch, bend, torque, push,
then freeze.

You get low, and you breakdance,
but I am all too aware
of where X Axis meets Y,

of how I twist instead of orbit
‘round their shake of hands.

Because unlike you, sometimes I fall.
Sometimes, I break. My throat
gets stuck between two limbs.

Sometimes I land so far
off the mat on which we all stand,
that I give my loved ones

The mat stretches the whole earth ‘round,
so a mile is as a mile to you,
but my inches are kilometers.
They call it “Self-Aware.”

Moves are dangerous;
Mine are precarious.
My mat seems to stretch a whole
exercise ball ‘round.
There’s a slip and a slope;
It exponentially steepens.

So I start with the center,
where I cannot stay or even land,

and create a constellation
with my jagged ebb and flow,

orbiting the heart of the graph
in a twist and a jumble.

7 thoughts on “Sanity

  1. If the main components for playing Twister are heart, mind and hands, where do our feet figure in?
    Don’t quote me on that query. That was merely a passing perusal, as I was reading your cliff notes.
    My surmise is based, right or wrong, on where or not, logic is a passing fancy, some to my chagrin.
    If a gamer has a plan, and it is based on intuition, details must never be written or spoken in quotes.

    Liked by 2 people

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