Hopes are heavy.

Hopes are heavy. That’s why we say that we get them up.

And I know that it seems easy,
but adrenaline rises in a rush
to transfer energy and perpetuate movement
when you’re faced with something grand enough
to be worth lifting hopes.

Always there’s the grand staircase-
Will life rise to the occasion, or will it fail to meet the challenge?
It’s hard for life to climb as high as adrenaline shot hope.

All alone, once supported hope
falls in one piece, or crumbles slowly in sad confetti-
It crashes down the same,

and we have no adrenaline left to protect from its crushing weight.

7 thoughts on “Hopes are heavy.

  1. I have long said, “Never get emotionally involved in your job.”
    Now, I realize you are not talking vocation here, but this was my best analogy.
    When I see an opportunity to show off a spectacular analogy, I seize the moment.
    I mean, if I am toting an umbrella, and rain begins to fall, what should I do?
    I need analogies like… an umbrella needs rain. You understand, don’t you?

    I know what you are thinking, that I should never get emotionally involved in my analogies.

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