My favorite moment

My favorite moment?
Likely my worst one,

one where I wasn’t being myself,
where I clung to moments with people who
were never going to love me,

a moment where we told ourselves
that nobody else was deep like this,
or nobody else was crazed like this-

Have you noticed it?
How their favorite memories
all look exactly alike.

How many do you think were real?
Or how many simply stroked their egos
and told them that their identities
were whatever they wished that they would be-
whatever made them feel safe
and anxious.

My favorite moment?
Likely my worst one,

one I only said was fun
where I tried so hard to believe that lie,
to believe that I believed that lie-

Somebody started pretending to laugh,
so everybody followed suit,
or somebody thought you was being sincere,
so everyone else tried to open too.

My greatest moment?
Likely, it’s one I’ve forgotten.
I can’t remember
any good memories.

Only millions of bad moments

8 thoughts on “My favorite moment

    • Haha, thanks! I’m really glad you enjoy it.

      You know, the funny thing is that this was actually a draft that I was maybe going to edit and post someday that I didn’t realize was scheduled to post this afternoon! 😮

      People are already responding rather favorably already, though, so I guess I’m going to just edit it and leave it up. Hahaha!


  1. Lydia, you have a unique way of getting deep in my head & heart, speaking my truths. You amaze me, you’re not writing bout abstract thoughts from someone else, no it’s your truth and it’s my truth in fact. I appreciate your bravery in writing your prose and poetry on real-life thoughts. Thank you

    Liked by 1 person

    • Oh my gosh, that’s so sweet! Thank you, and thank you for reading! I hope you’ll keep coming back. 🙂
      Reading everyone’s responses to my post about anxiety on my dad’s facebook page made me so happy, because it was so nice to hear how meaningful it was for people. Glad to connect with you! ❤


      • Thanks Lydia and I will continue to follow your writing. You speak a language I relate to easily. Your words on anxiety are picked from my own head, it felt.
        As for your poem “Daddy” I so see my ol friend in your words again, he’s spirit is there.

        Yes, I would say you have a fan!

        Liked by 1 person

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