You don’t want to lay down, but it’s not time to run, so you arch,
throw yourself, scream, dive, and you hate me.
I bring you to myself and calm your body down.
You tire out but wake slightly, give me side-eye like you trust me,
and I slide you to your crib as seamlessly as I can,
deep-breathing in your ear until you’re
long-down. And you sleep long enough to little more than
recover, sit up in your bed and smile, start whining for me.
I say, “Come here,” and you stand between my thighs,
happily rest your head on my leg, and you need me.
I pat your back. Soon you change your head to my stomach.
You’ve forgiven me. Oh, you see your twin has the doll you like,
so you squeak, forget me. You go out to the world,
look sideways at me, loving me, and carry on.

8 thoughts on “Enemies

  1. Baha, I’ll have to look at this poem more closely when I’m not as busy as I am at the moment. 😉 I see where you’re coming from, though I hope that the ending, in addition the tagged topics, makes it clear enough for most people that I’m talking about children’s naptime as opposed to BDSM or something, haha.
    Or who knows, maybe I’ll have to quickly edit it before I’m less busy. It’s a pretty big and important distinction!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. That doll line’s the funniest out of the bunch. It’s always interesting to see how children’s attention spans seem to drastically fluctuate in the span of about five or ten seconds.


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