The light of moon cascading down
illuminates the night.
An unexplored and tempting scene
awaits my taking flight.

It calls to me.

By morning, tired and less pristine,
I still will travel on.
The glorious, warming, glowing sun
will charge me in the dawn.

It strengthens me,

until the sea and I are one,
as I leave from my home.
While kissed by mist and salty air,
I’ll follow the sea foam.

Come find me.

In gay and merry, sweet affair
with colors swirling forth,
pastel, the lights will dance with me.
Each time you look to north,

you’ll look to me.

Then music in the perfect key
will softly start to play.
As rain pours down from heavens’ tract,
‘twill gently cleanse the day.

Please, drench me.

Can’t merely look; Must interact.
It’s beautiful and tainted.
I’ll drink in every bit of life,
the greatest picture painted.

Just watch me.

10 thoughts on “Nature

    • Aw, thanks so much. ❤
      You know, I wrote it eleven years ago at a pretty wonderful time in my life, so reading it again actually made me cry, haha!


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