You’re drawn towards me like we’re perfectly opposed…
like one of us put ourselves into the wrong box,
because heaven knows I don’t want to be shocked by your sparking outlet.
I just want to run, but I stay, every time. Like I’m…
electrocuted- Stuck. Like I’m numb- stuck.
Seems safer to turn the power off when men hang on me. Three at one time.
They each try to caress my neck at once,
and I let them. I don’t know why. They’re crawling out of their boxes,
and I let them climb the social ladder, up my body.
I still don’t know why. I am available. And why? Well, it depends on to whom.
To those I want- because I want them. To those I don’t want…
I just don’t want to think on the answer to that tonight-
Don’t want to think about the only thing I feel when I turn off and feel
nothing else, what I feel when shocked so that I feel nothing else…
You know, that song- repetitious, and a lifetime long…
Something about my body, my desires,
and being wrong.

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