Lesson Plans (An American Sonnet)

Grubby thumbs, bubble gum, and tire swings
set the stage for recess- Our turn to teach.
Sean’s sitter had shown him some algebra.
Keith knew what sex was. Hazel had met God,
and Em could map the local ghost’s hide outs.
Me? I shared my expertise on hatred-
Shattered glass, gravel-voiced screams, holes in walls,
curses, threats, and explosive desires.

Our fledgling thoughts have since been expanded
by physics, intimacy, struggling prayers.
Now, I know silence, disgust, disinterest,
the callous hissing of, “You’re so stupid,”
the sentiment, “Can’t I just throw you out?”
followed by, “Nah, I won’t even bother.”

2 thoughts on “Lesson Plans (An American Sonnet)

  1. You are welcome, and thank you very much. I’m glad a piece of my work has been powerful for you. Hopefully you’ll find a nice home away from home here at Alphabet Ravine- There is so much sadness in this world! But I hope you’ll find the darkness to be dealt with helpfully and find overpowering light here as well. All the best.

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