Ani’s Song (Star Wars 3)

I tried to wine, dine, and dance
after holding your rough hands,
closing my eyes,
slaying grace.

Illusions of my upper crust
somehow burned more bright than us,
scalding, flying
in your face.

But find the you in you
that knows that me in me.
Ask him to trust her;
Listen, please-
She just wants one minute.

After all you built me into,
I wasted these years fighting with you,
grappling over
higher ground.

Hopes, devotions soundly masked,
your truths for which you never asked,
I lay them down;
I’m bringing them down.

Have the you in you
look at the me in me.
Ask him to join her out here;
Open, please-
let them be one minute.

With hatred screamed in loving’s name,
I was always lower than we claimed.
Finally my
place I’ve found.

Poured out heart from on my knees-
tread however you may please.
Am I going down?
Oh well, I’m coming down.

Just touch the you in you
that loves the me in me.
Ask him to feel her;
Forgive me please-
We could keep this minute.

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