Same Old

He’s still got the same humour. He’s just lost his sense of it. He
tells the same jokes a fraction of the time.
He was divided from the light for so long
that it all seems heavy.
So much for his diaphragm to lift was that laugh.

He’s on the same trajectory, but he’s further along,
and every little step
has an exponent attached. He’s
a jagged line down.
And when it becomes a straight drop,
do you think that whoever lives
in the depths of the pit is a nice guy?
The kind to catch you when you fall?
With its jaws, maybe.

I block the path, but he weighs so much on me,
and I see dark things as he slips, slides along.
This is not my home.

But I am that guest you invite into your mind
that aint ever gonna leave! Share what you’ve got with me.
Same old burden, but I’ll lift the sense of it.
At a fraction of the rate of descent, Boy,
we gotta climb.

7 thoughts on “Same Old

    • I certainly wouldn’t want my poetry to encourage anyone to act responsible for another person. I think more of sadness than suffocation with this poem.

      Good to hear from you! When are we going to see some more poetry on your blog? 🙂


  1. Addiction is hard on everyone because it touches so many. I enjoyed your thoughts and have some understanding of your words! Especially “I’m the guest your invite into your mind” love it!


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