I like to jump.
Jump is the good thing for me.

I do what I like; I like a lot.
My heart knows Go;
My feet have yet to meet Stop.

My curls are far from tame.

My eyes are brown; My eyes are round.
My skin should be ruddy, you’d think if you knew me,
but it is not: It is olive and perfect.

My curls, they are not tame.

I am honest; I am loving.
I’m full of hope,
and I am jumping.

I like to jump. Jump is the good thing for me.

I have a sister; I have a brother.
They’re not like me. They are weary.
Still, I feel that they both are perfect.
Can we all be if we’re all different?

My sister’s hair is tamed…

They act as though I’ll “know” some day.
Know what? I don’t know! I wouldn’t think to change.
But there’s something in their tone when they say,

“Your curls have yet to be tamed.”

But I am me!
I am honest and loving;
I am full of hope,
and I am jumping.
I have a brother and sister, and I-

I have untamed curls.

These threads here are my world.
If you snip one thread,
could you snip the rest?
That would unravel my entire dress!
I do like to be naked and free,
but this is the dress of me.

I don’t know what the future holds;
I just see today.
Today, I am bold.

Today, I’d never think to tame my curls.

I do not see them;
I don’t see me.
I see my feet!
My feet are jumping.

I like to jump;
Jump is the good thing for me.

My curls are far from tame.

21 thoughts on “jumping

    • 😉 Thanks so much! I actually wrote this inspired by the words, actions, and circumstance of a five-ish year old I met several years ago. The minute she said, “I like to jump. Jump is the good thing for me,” she was pretty much doomed to get her own poem. 😉

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    • Oh her sister likes to jump, don’t worry! And her brother. All three soar regularly. As she mentioned, the poem was about another girl she met. Teachers and poets get the best material to work with! 😉

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  1. A music video was put out by an artist in The Netherlands, back in the Twenty-Tennies. It featured three people Jump Dancing… I had the tune (hence back beat) in my head while reading. Everything fell into place perfectly.

    Don’t forget to set your cell phone back an hour tonight.

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  2. Hello Lydia, I love your poem and its powerful message of positive rebellion through the untamed curls. Haha, so are mine. The narrator of the poem and I are both jumping with love and hope. What lovely empathy in our current dark times. But, yes, I see a light at the end of the tunnel we are in. Thank you so much for the follow. I really appreciate this! And also thank you for cheering me up with this beautiful poem of hope. I strongly believe in nonviolent civil resistance movements: https://momentsbloc.wordpress.com/2018/06/19/non-violence-suceeds/


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