My feelings towards you confuse me,

My feelings towards you confuse me,
or at least they would
if I ever bothered to think about them.

I don’t.

You are no pinnacle, no tip of the mountain,
no pinpoint that is my thought-life.
No, you are not on my mind.

You are through it.

You reside, you

Like a soundtrack constantly lacing its song,
forever in the background-
Like the home chord in the key of my mind’s
melody, that cannot be lifted out of any measure-
Like the tonic note on which all else falls-


I have nothing to say-
No logical sentence,
no emotional premise.


Perhaps that is enough.

11 thoughts on “My feelings towards you confuse me,

    • Lol, I wrote this after choosing to break up with a man, but I married him a year and a half later. I think you can see the possibility of that outcome in this poem. Thanks as always for the reading, liking, engaging, and commenting!


    • LOL.

      I probably was brutal the past. Now I think I am more specific, matter of fact, and “comfortable with reality”. Despite, seemingly paradoxically, also being severely diplomatic. LOL.

      I think some people interpret this poem differently than others… I wonder if men tend to interpret it differently than women, given that you, Jack, and Orville seem to perhaps have interpreted it differently than some women readers. What would you take the “Like a soundtrack… all else falls” stanza to be saying? Also, what would you read “Perhaps that is enough.” to mean? (That one I imagine lots of people might infuse slightly differently!)


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