Love is a jerk,
a cruel-hearted beast

with a gap-toothed grin
and a cigarette.

Tossing his arm around your shoulder-
the friendliest bloke on the block,
don’t you know-

he opens his jacket to get you to try things
that you’d never dare
if ol’ Love were not there.

You follow him home for his company;
He locks you in his house

as he leaves.


19 thoughts on “Fear

  1. As I was reading, I managed to get my foot caught up in computer wires or phone wires, under my desk. The more I struggled, the tighter the hold around my ankle. At one point, I may have panicked and assumed, this love scoundrel had me in his clutches… That was not fun.

    Oh, and great poem from you… Powerful.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Beautiful and a master peice too enlightened star 🌟

    “ The fear is some what that makes you run after it for ,

    Because it needs to be conquered for . “

    Your poems are no less than pearls ,

    Alphabet you are truely blessed with Gift of Gab to weave those pearls ,

    Stay blessed

    Keep the beautiful smile on


  3. I am 72 years old and did not experience romantic love until I was about 45. It was a little like being run over by a freight train. Love is an incredibly powerful set of emotions and possibly not suitable for the young. made me do stupid things as a middle-aged man. All explorations are probably warranted, but don’t let anyone or anything lock you where you do not want to be nothing. Nothing is worth that.



    • 🙂 Thank you! It’s always good to get advice from people with more experience.

      I wrote this poem when considering getting engaged. People talk about the young being in puppy love or going through their “honey moon” phase, but as someone who had become disillusioned about love from a young age, I was sort of incapable of going through a “honeymoon phase”- Any pleasant sentiments would disappear the instant I well visualized commitment, let alone entered into it.

      We’re coming up on our five year wedding anniversary this month, and it looks like pushing past the fear was a great choice in this case. 🙂


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