Our Old Getaway

The heart building… … …All the good, true,
right, and real … locked inside-
I will cherish it,
wear it
open it up
and smell,
cry myself to sleep,
and smile
one of the genuine smiles
as each of the surround miles
is burned along with all its wreckage.
We are the blessed.
This (he)art building stands.

7 thoughts on “Our Old Getaway

    • Ooh, good question! My inspiration was totally unrelated to Ukraine- I wrote it after a breakup back in college. But if it connects to Ukraine or war for people, I’m honored. 🙂
      I do have a poem about Ukraine that is currently out for submission somewhere, but if it gets rejected, it’ll end up here sooner rather than later. The title will give that one away. 🙂
      Thanks for the wonderful compliment and loyal readership! I always enjoy seeing your name in my inbox! ❤

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