When the town said to mercy kill,
and the sage said to pity-spare,
but you had a moment of compassion,

I heard my name inside the respect you gave,
and I rose to the occasion,
that only lasted so long.

It’s always pity that’s behind blind esteem.

If you had kept your eyes on me,
you’d have seen the pattern you’d repeat.
Maybe you’d have provided some support

for my cycle down.

It’s a cruel trick:
a mere moment of attention.
It’s a false hope, it’s a lying love:

to call a soul out by name, if you’ll turn when you see who comes.

6 thoughts on “Gollum

      • You!?!?
        I cancelled my membership in WordPress. They are not genuine enough for my sensitive self. I am technically challenged (nice way to express this!). They have no compassion for lazy old white men. (Where is my privilege!?!!!) I swear some days I act like I’m 83 years old! In short/long this is my way of saying I didn’t notice but now I do. I moved to San Diego 5 months ago from Maine. Best thing I’ve done for myself in 35 years.
        Nice chatting.

        Liked by 2 people

      • Sorry you didn’t have much luck with WordPress. I’m glad you’re still able to see my work!
        Ah, I actually spent a month in San Diego years ago for an internship. I hope you’re enjoying the weather as much as I did! I imagine it’s refreshing after the chill of Maine! I’m glad you’ve done something nice for yourself.


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