You single-handedly lay and stack each strand
of the haystack.
I burn these allergens down one by one.

You wave the needle in my face
like an escape hatch,
burn through your accusations one by one-

You say, “What haystack?
Irrelevant haystack. Too nit-

You say, “Too literal. To confrontational.
This is why I don’t talk to you.
Talk to me!



10 thoughts on “Gaslight

  1. Gaslighting’s final refuge is to sling that accusation of insanity against the victim of the attack. I’ve done it. I wrote something a few years back that progressed to the truth I needed to see about myself and my tactic used in domestic arguing/terrorizing. I will look for it and share it with you, my friend.

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  2. Here it is.

    Like an ill wish or a curse hurled,
    The name is growled through clenched teeth,
    “Crazy”, I say it.
    Like sour breath it hangs in the air,
    Immediate regret,
    It’s my only defense,

    The name fits a desperation,
    like a fish hook it pierces and holds,
    Then restricts any hopes
    Or life,
    The name suffocates
    And strangles.

    I know,
    My name has been “Crazy”,
    When I was so angry and so frustrated
    With the walking dead,
    Friends lost to false senses,
    Slinging invective,
    At ease with violence.

    I find myself
    Crazy for trying,
    Crazy for crying,
    Crazy for loving you,
    Frustrated from all of this
    Effort and
    From feeling isolation and

    I know how
    To dismiss with this label,
    To quietly admit defeat inward and
    To publicly defeat another outward,
    To sling the fishhook,
    To sting with poison.

    She’s crazy.
    Not me.

    G.M. Goodwin
    5 July 2015

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    • Thanks! I’m only in safe, healthy relationships, but otherwise I’d definitely take you up on that advice! 🙂


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