On Patience, Pt. 2

I want to survive so bad
that I could take a pill that takes
away desire to live if it
would give me the strength to get by.

And perhaps I shall.

But I only know of one of those,
and I have two broken bones.

When I couldn’t find anything I knew,
I looked for something to figure out
(so I could know how I was going
to fix and patch things for myself).
How could neither be in stock?
Everywhere else is closed.

…But I do know
God has a present for me,
(And he is open! Closed and open!)
but no, I do not want to squeeze the package.

So there is nothing left for me
to do but not be anxious.
I will be loquacious!
And silent as well.

Time will tell
any message God gives it
to deliver to me.

But until then, I will speak
directly with my King,

who even has a present for me!
Always presents and presence for me,
that oh, I do not want to squeeze the package.

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