Covenant (Oration at the Cooper-Risser Wedding Ceremony)

Brianna, soon to be a bride,
calls me, tells me she thinks she
and Tanner should elope.

Soon after, at the bridal shower,
I read in a game, a list of quotes of Guess: The Bride Or Groom Said Which,
a line saying- We should elope.

…Everybody got the right answer.
I guess I’m not the only one
who heard that sort of talk.

But who can blame her, honestly?
For she is filled with legitimate longing
of, “Is it time for the wedding yet?
Can I be with my bride groom yet?
Can I be as I long to be, as I aim to be,
as I was told that I would be?
He said that he would marry me-

But as Brianna, despite her jokes, temptations,
and legitimate longing knows,
this timing is good, this
wedding is best prepared, this
event is lifting high Jehovah’s name,
the name that lifted high as told in Exodus-

Israel, God’s chosen people, groaned beneath the Pharaoh’s yoke,
slaves in Egypt, crying out for help.
“Can we be rescued yet? Can we be rescued at all?
God, rescue us! We can’t escape ourselves.”

God hears, sends Moses. Hope that was nearly lost is now
restored. Moses orders Pharaoh, and Pharaoh says
‘…What now, Lord?’

…Plagues so that Egypt would know He’s the Lord,
a sea that opens to Israel and closes on their enemies,
and finally, a people delivered.

And finally, we are at your wedding, and as you stand anticipating
when this poem will finally end, so you can finally say, “I do,”
remember when Peter said, “I do
believe you are who you say you are,
Jesus Christ of Nazareth, Son of the living God.”

Into and out of captivity, prophet after prophet spoke,
and Israel was promised a Messiah.
Generations passed, things stayed the same.
Finally, this Jesus came, gathered a hopeful following,
performed amazing miracles, and then
Jesus died.
‘…What now, Lord?’

With the wrath of God on Himself satisfied,
Jesus Christ rose back to life, not evading but instead defeating
death. Which is good,
because there’s death to me I need rescued from
that I can’t escape myself.

So when you find that there’s filth in your partner’s
heart, may you give the grace given you,
extend forgiveness yours in truth.
In Christ, live, love, and treasure your spouse, as you are treasured yourself,
open with one another for you know that in Christ, you’ve been accepted,

and minister, not just to each other, but as a blessing to all the earth,
recognizing sin and repenting, being sanctified by Christ,
so that the church would be presented as His spotless bride.
Live always in the light of the fact that God will make everything right,
achieving Himself all the justice He is due,

Is it time for the wedding yet?
Can we feast with our bridegroom yet?

Can we be as we’re meant to be?
As we aim to be?
As we hope to be?
He said- Have faith in, call on me!

A wedding is coming soon.

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